Professions’ Lab

Name on project: Professions’ Lab

Project Number.: NPJR-2019/10081

Project period: 08/2019 - 07/2020

Project budget: EUR 22320

Aims: to promote cooperation of the Baltic Sea region countries in the field of education.

Expected results:

  • eveloped material for career education work in school with young people, including youth and children with limited opportunities and youth and children from the social risk group;
  • the experience of partner organisations in the field of career education has been acquired,
  • the mobility of 72 pupils and educators has been realised.

Coordinating institution:

Valmieras Gaujas krasta Secondary school – Development centre, Leona Paegles street 5/7, Valmiera, LV 4201; email [email protected],

FI-Sotunki Upper Secondary School
LT-Joniškis "Aušros" gymnasium
EE- Tallinn Heleni kool

Contact person: Daiga Ramata, Valmieras Gaujas krasta secondary School – Development centre, Leona Paegles street 5/7, Valmiera; email [email protected]